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"Memory's haunt conjures the most arrant of ghosts..."

Python is a drifter, a vampire living his eternal life on the road and liking it that way. Beholden to nothing and certainly to no one.

But such a lifestyle doesn’t come without creating enemies. Most notably, a pesky vampire hunter he cant seem to shake.

When he stumbles upon a seemingly abandoned cabin the woods, Python sees the perfect escape and a place to hide.

But what he didn’t expect was for someone to be home…

When recluse warlock Calysto’s peaceful life is upended by the arrival of a chaotic disaster in the form of a loudmouthed vampire, he and his teleporting house become the target of the hunter, too.

Calysto knows it’s all Python’s fault that he’s in this mess. That is, until Calysto makes a mistake, and in his hurry to flee transports them over one hundred years into the past.

Confronted with lives they both had hoped to forget, not to mention the memories they most definitely did, Calysto and Python must try to put aside their many differences and increasingly complicated feelings to learn to work together. Or else they risk being stuck in the past -- and with each other -- forever.

The Fifth Yanai is a story of the value of free will, the triumph of love, and the fight to live life on one's own terms. 

METANOIA is the first installment.

In a world ravaged by famine, kindhearted Cultist Ohkai lives in the wilderness serving his Gods, when he is sent from his Sect on a Calling of divine origin. He travels into the heart of a society that opposes the very existence of his kind. But what he expected to be a simple test of his devotion will bring him face to face with his greatest rival - a Temple assassin. When the life of a friend is in danger, Ohkai must risk not only discovery, but his life, to save his friend and fulfill his Calling.

Velyr is a ruthless Temple assassin trained for one thing - to fulfill the will of the Gods. Sent to eliminate a target in the township of Obeaon, he encounters an unexpected obstacle in the form of a Cultist who claims to serve his same Gods - blasphemy on the lips of his enemy. When he nearly loses his life only to be saved by the embodiment of what he hates most, Velyr begins to question everything he's been taught to believe.

An unlikely connection forms between cultist and assassin, and little do they know their meeting was fated, meant to be something more than they - or even their all-knowing Gods - could have ever foreseen.

The Fifth Yanai is a story of the value of free will, the triumph of love, and the fight to live life on one's own terms.

APOTHEOSIS is the second installment.

Through harrowing trials and godly visions, rival zealots became allies and an ancient prophecy has revealed itself to be true.

Ohkai and Velyr are more intricately connected than they could ever have imagined, but the mystical ties that bind them raise more questions than they answered.

The unforgiving season of Frost has arrived and Ohkai is called against his will to fulfill the wishes of the Yanai, leaving his life, his Sect and his friends behind, as he disappears beyond their reach.

Velyr is left to navigate a strange new life and brand new home without him, and he struggles to find normalcy on the outskirts of the frozen Continent in the camp of his once sworn enemies.

But still danger lurks, as the Temple reveals its own agenda, and a force is birthed into the world that will change the course of every soul alive, forever. 

The Fifth Yanai is a story of the value of free will, the triumph of love, and the fight to live life on one’s own terms. 

CATHARSIS is the final installment.

The Gods are dead. The world blooms. 

At first glance, all is as it should be.

But Ohkai’s return brings other, more foreboding tidings. 

A sinister presence stalks the shadows, destroying all in its path as it chases after any taste of the life-force that bleeds from the abundant earth. Abilities once believed to be Gods-given emerge in common folk, killing many and driving more to madness. Storms rage, bringing destruction and chaos, leaving cities across the Continent desolate. Those who survive cower in fear and uncertainty under the Temple’s lack of guidance and ever-tightening oppression.

Far away in the depths of the obsidian mountain, Ohkai holds the knowledge of how to right their world—if only he can find his brother and convince him to follow their true calling.

Meanwhile, Velyr is mired deep in his quest for revenge. Despite his uncertainties and doubts, he will stop at nothing to achieve it. And, perhaps, not even what Ohkai shares will have the power to sway him.

New allies emerge, as do formidable enemies, while the fate of the Continent lies in the hands of two reluctant young men, who must decide whether to follow their own desires or to finally come together and embrace their purpose, restoring balance to their world.



In a land where power is not given without a price, the truth behind a myth finally unfolds, but even beneath truths, a deeper story can hide. What would you do to save someone you love, and would you pay the price if you knew you'd never be the same?


Welcome, reader. Are you ready to go on a journey?

Within this anthology, you will join a dying woman on a trip to the stars; free a rose from the clutches of her garden; embark on a mission to a promising new world; embrace your potential with a young dreamer; learn the truth behind a folk tale; begin life anew with your soulmate; return to the comforts of home with new love; and shed your uncomfortable skin and transform.

Blurring lines between genres, TRANSCENDENCE is a celebration of the power of change, transition, and transformation.